A Third culture kid raising third culture kids

One of the favorite things our kids used to try to get me to do was list how many countries I’d been to.  Its not easy to do.  I think the last time I did it the number was over 40. I grew up in Africa, but have lived in Asia most of my life.  Born in Nigeria, but evacuated from there when only one year old, lets just say I’ve moved a lot.  I understand the TCK thing and the many issues that come up.  Now at age 50, I’ve also got three full grown adult TCKs who now live back in our passport country.

Its been absolutely amazing and incredibly hard.  It’s been the best life ever and the worst life too.  The tensions are real and not easy to navigate.  The mountain tops are glorious- both spiritually, emotionally and well..physically too since we spent ten years of our life abroad in the Himalayas.

Jesus is and has always been my strength.  He is my husband’s strength and my kids strength too.  In the times when medical care was terrible and I thought I could have sewn the stitches in my daughter’s chin more evenly than they did at that little clinic…He was there.  In the times when I had to arrange an evacuation for a young man hit by a train who had lost his leg…fighting with the system of the country we were in…He was there.  In the pregnancy where every foreign smell amplified my morning sickness…He was there.

He was there in the incredible family times too!  The elephant rides and trips in the hills where seeing monkeys on the sides of the road was as common as seeing squirrels was back in Minnesota…He was there.  He was right beside me when our kids in boarding school said the words “Mom, go back to India and serve Him.  Its our family calling.  You have to do it.  We will be okay here in Thailand.”  He was there.  He was there when miracles happened right before our kids eyes- sick were healed, financial miracles of provision took place, demons cast out, widows taken in, babies that were dying cared for.  He was there with us and with our kids.

This page of my blog is about the “He was there” side of life.  I want to share some of the hard times I faced and still face and how His Presence supports and sustains.  I want to ask some hard questions with you. I want to both share and hear some honest answers from you if you are willing to comment.  The central theme both of this blog page and of my life is “He was there.”  I know whatever I face and whatever my TCK kids face in the days to come, He will always be there too.

“…for he himself has said, I will never leave you or abandon you.” Heb 13:5 CSB

He will be there!